Karoo Sky Aerial Photography and video Services

Inspection services

Drone inspections are used in the following industries:

  • Construction & mining inspection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Education and non commercial inspection and monitoring
  • Agriculture inspections and fertilizer emergency response
  • Real Estate inspection
  • Property security survey

What you get

  • 10 Aerial Photos OR 1 Minute Video according to Client's specs
  • No Editing
  • 15 min flight time (30 min onsite) = R 500.00


Using our drone can give you the ability to show what you venue / property has to offer at a birds-eye view.  Using two GoPro cameras allow us to give a first person experience of your property.  

Marketing video are normally 3- 5 min long open with the client logo  and have a suitable royalty free music background sound.  The video will highlight areas of you property you wish to showcase and end off with your contact details and a clear link to the clients website.

Alternatively we can capture up to 50 still images of the property.

What you get

  • 3 - 5 Minute Video or up to 30 still images according to Client's specification
  • Video opening with client's logo and ending with client contact details & link to client website
  • Royalty free background music
  • 45 min flight time (2hrs onsite) = R 2700.00


This service is where the client requirement is to have a drone onsite available for extended periods of time and normally with a short response time.  

Situations where onsite drone support can be used:

  • Sport events like school sport days, mountain bike rallies, cross country running, oval racing track days etc
  • Search & rescue operations
  • Security operations
  • Hunting

What you get

  • Onsite drone support for extended periods at fixed rate hourly tariff
  • Electrical charging facilities must be provided
  • R 750.00 per hour

Terms & Conditions:

  • LESS 25% for any additional services needed while onsite for a scheduled session.
  • Travel cost will be billed @ R 4.20/km (outside of a 50km radius from Oudtshoorn).
  • 50% DEPOSIT: Payable upon ordering, the full settlement before delivery of final product.
  • STILL IMAGES: Sample images of all still images will be provided & Karoo Sky watermarks will be removed once settlement payment has been received.
  • VIDEOS: Videos will be available to view and approve on a private YouTube channel, limited to 1 email account per client. After approval, the final video will be made available to download from the Karoo Sky You Tube channel or in MP4 format.
  • ALL Still images or videos may be used by Karoo Sky on our website to showcase projects completed, UNLESS requested by the client to be excluded from publication thereof.
  • Read the Full Terms & Conditions
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